Accessible on demand and video streaming services

Below will be a list of online video streaming services that serve New Zealand. It will note also if a screen reader can be used with it, and on which platform. This may be through a website or a mobile app (on either the Android or Apple mobile phones) using a screen reader.


These are the providers that we have found accessible - unless things have changed with a screen reader.  We are hoping to add more streaming providers to this list when we (or someone else who has tested it) find that they are accessible with a screen reader. The following information is subject to change.

For the services that have audio description, the AD will need to be enabled on that platform within the player. (For example, in Netflix you have to go to the player and enable it under the audio settings).

The following services can be used with a Google smart speaker and Chromecast

In the following example it will tell you how to add a service to your Google home app.
The TVNZ on demand service will be used as an example
A visually impaired person will then be able to play the show, pause it, rewind or fast forwards the show with their voice.

*Disney plus (a paid service)
*Netflix (a paid service)
*TVNZ on demand (free)
*Vicki (a paid service)
*More to be added as I am told.

To do this you would have signed up for a service and written down your details, for example username and password.

You should already have a Google smart speaker set up, along with your Chromecast.

You will need to download the Google home app to your phone/device. Then, when you go into the Google home app, you will be asked to link your TVNZ on demand account to your Google home. You will need to double tap on the link and put in your account details you used (for example the email and password for the TVNZ on demand account).
It should then link to your Google home speaker. If it does not show when you go into the Google home app, have a look under the settings, services, then video section and see if it is there. It should show under this section. You can then double tap on it and enter in your details as mentioned above for the Google speaker to see it, as well as the Google home app.
After your TVNZ on demand username and password have been verified, it will link your account with your Google home app.
*Commands to play the show or movie

Please note that not all shows from TVNZ on demand will play from TV1, TV2 and Duke.

To play a show from TVNZ on demand, say to your smart speaker "play Coronation street from TVNZ on demand on (the name of your chromecast that you specify). For example: living room Chromecast etcetera.
After a while, it will learn that you want to watch a show from that platform. You might need to experiment to see what works for you.

This is basically the same idea for adding Netflix and Disney Plus to your Google home app, except that you will be putting in the details for that specific service.
When the Disney plus or Netflix account is linked, the commands will be slightly different. For example, play the name of the show from either Disney plus or Netflix on (whichever chrome cast you specify). For example: "Play Stranger Things from Netflix on Office TV".


The website address is
The website is very usable with a screen reader. The Android app is very usable with TalkBack.
It has a lot of audio described content.
Netflix is a paid subscription.

Disney Plus

The website address is
The website is very usable with a screen reader. The Android app is very usable with the TalkBack screen reader.
This is also usable on an iPhone, iPad and an Apple TV.
It also has audio described content.
Disney Plus is a paid subscription.

Amazon prime video

The website address is|c_231819500067_m_T2F1tPD7-dc_s__
The website is very usable with a screen reader. The Android app is also very usable with the TalkBack screen reader.
Amazon prime video / TV is also accessible on Apple's IOS / iPad OS and Apple TV platforms. 
It also has audio described content.
Amazon prime video is a paid subscription.

Apple TV plus

The website address is
Apple TV plus is great for accessibility and content. It can be viewed on any Apple device - be it a Mac OS computer or IOS or iPad OS device. When watching movies, if Voiceover is enabled on your IOs device, and if the movie has audio description, it will start playing automatically (if the AD setting is enabled under accessibility/settings).
It also has audio description.
Apple TV plus is a paid subscription.

You tube

The website address is
The you tube website is very usable with a screen reader.
The Android app is very usable with the TalkBack screen reader on an Android phone. It can also be used on smart TV's.
There is some audio described content, but you will need to search for it.
You tube is free.


You can watch the offerings from Tubi by going to their website at
On the website, most single letter navigation keys can be used, however you will use H for headings and K for links. Graphics are not spoken out. There are some labelled buttons and a few that are not. Some movies will play automatically (depending on the browser that you are using). Some movies will need to be activated by pressing Enter on the heading of the movie. If not, arrow up once and press Enter. (This is a play button which is not spoken out). When the player does appear, some parts will let you interact with it (like screen resolution). The player is not fully accessible.

They also have apps for either your Android or Apple phone. It is very usable with either the Talkback screen reader or the Voiceover screen reader on those devices. The app for the TV is also very usable with a screen reader. On a Samsung TV there might not be some sections spoken out (as in the movie/shows section) but it can be accessed via the Genre section. This seems to be the same for the app version.

Samsung TV plus

If you own a Samsung smart TV the following menu might have appeared on the section where it lists some of your other streaming apps. This is after you have pressed the smart hub key. Arrow to the left or right on the menus to find it.

It is called TV plus and has 29 channels which are streamed off the internet.
The menu should appear from Samsung TV's from 2016 onwards.

A list of the channels can be found here at

It seems very accessible with the inbuilt screen reader on the Samsung TV.

TVNZ on demand

The website address is
On the TVNZ website, the TVNZ on demand section is not usable with a screen reader at present. After you sign into the on demand section where your shows, movies etc are listed - the screen reader will only read out new season, movie etc instead of the name of the show/movie. It used to be read out correctly before. If you decide to say... pick a new season show or movie - not knowing what it is - the page after it is fully accessible. It looks as though no alt text was used for the movie/show graphics where they are listed.

Until it is fixed by TVNZ on demand, you can use the Google browser and enable get image descriptions from Google menu and choose always. You can get to this menu by using the applications key. NVDA will then speak out the name of the shows on the main page; then you can go in and watch that show. The page where the shows are aired weekly, is totally accessible - so you can watch your shows. Please note when get image descriptions is turned off in the browser that part of the website where the shows is on the main page is not read out correctly. It will not work in other browsers either in that section and will only read new season, movie etc.

The Android app is not usable with TalkBack as only some parts are spoken out.

* Please note

At present, if you want to use the TVNZ on demand app with Talkback on your Android phone, when you go into the main page (and some others) you will hear the title of the section then list 1 of 25, 2 of 25 new season or movie as you go down the list. In each section (if the graphics were labelled correctly with alt text) Talkback would say the name of the show. Since there is no alt text for the graphic for the show/movies, you will need to go into every page the link points to. This page is accessible and is read out by the screen reader including the name of the show, what it is about etcetera but not the sections where the main show/movies are in each section.
If you do a search for a show or movie, you will need to flick left a couple of times to see what the results are.

Please note: If you are running Android 11 on your mobile phone, and the latest version of the Android Accessibility Suite known as Talkback, when you go into the section where the shows are, saying 1 of 25, Talkback will OCR then speak out what each graphic is for that show. If it does not do it, then it is a matter of waiting for an update.
You can also use TVNZ on demand with your Google speaker and a Chromecast.

The TVNZ App works well on Apple TV.  The bug you mentioned where the programmes won’t read out titles is like that on iPhone, but fine on the Apple TV.
There is no audio description.
TVNZ on demand is free.

Three now

The website address is
The website is usable with a screen reader. The Android app is very usable with the TalkBack screen reader. Please note, for some reason, the shows are not spoken out until you go to do a search on the app. It will give you a list of channels and categories; then after you pick one, it will give you some options (which are all spoken out as in show, movies etc). If you choose the categories section, all the shows will be spoken out as you go down the list. The channels and settings sections are also spoken out.
The TV3 app is very usable on the phone (IOS and Apple TV).
Voiceover works great with it.
There is no audio described content.
Three now is free.

Māori Television On Demand

The website address is
The website is usable with a screen reader.
After signing up for a new account, (at the bottom of the form) you will need to check the box to say you are not a robot. You will then need to pass a captcha. It will need to be verified before you can register a new account.
There is no audio described content.
Māori Television On Demand is free.

Choice on demand

The website address is!/
The website is usable with a screen reader.
Apart from a little extra information being read out (which should be hidden so it is not spoken out by a screen reader) it is very usable.
This relates to code that should be hidden.
There is no audio described content.
Choice on demand is free.

HGTV On Demand

The website address is!/signup
The website is usable with a screen reader.
Some buttons are labelled correctly. Even though you can jump down by buttons, you will only hear the word "button", so jump down by links then the show will say its name with "link"..."button". At times you will hear code spoken out which should be hidden.
There is no audio description.
HGTV on demand is free.

Shine TV

The webpage address is
There is an on demand service on their website.  It has been tested out previously on an iPhone using safari with no issues.  It doesn’t have any AD.

The Shine TV app works well with the TalkBack screen reader on an Android phone.

The website address is
Neon (formerly the Lightbox App) is fully accessible on Apple TV and iPhone.  It has no AD and doesn’t look like it has any rewind/fast forward for anyone even when voice over isn’t on.  Play/Pause work well.  It is a paid subscription and includes some Prime TV Channel content.

This has not been tested with a desktop screen reader.